We are pleased to announce that, effective Monday, June 3, 2024, administrative offices and academic departments will transition to summer hours. Under the summer schedule, the workday will begin at 8:15 a.m. and conclude at 4:30 p.m.

In conjunction, we are also pleased to announce the continued addition of Early Fridays during the summer. Beginning June 7, 2024, College offices will close at 2​:00​ p.m. on Fridays during the summer. ​We hope that the shortened Friday workday will allow you to get an early start on your weekends, and provide extra time to relax and recharge.

Employees who are able to take advantage of the Early Fridays program will not be required to make up the hours at other times during the week, and will continue to earn regular salary and wages for the period between 2​:00​ p.m. and the end of their normal Friday workday. ​​Additional information is available explaining how hourly employees should record Early Friday time.

We recognize that some employees, due to their schedules, may not be able to participate in these programs exactly as described. As we have done ​in previous​ years, we are asking supervisors to identify other ways to provide similar scheduling flexibility during the summer timeframe. If you have questions about these programs or how they may impact your staff, please contact Human Resources at 610-330-5060.

Both programs will conclude on August 9, 2024, and the College will resume normal working hours on Monday, August 12, 2024. Through both programs, we hope to demonstrate our deep appreciation for everything you continue to do to make Lafayette such a wonderful community.

Happy Summer!

If you supervise employees who do not have routine access to email, please print out and post a copy of this message where they will easily see it. Thank you!