Each year, the College conducts an annual review process for non-union supervisors to talk with their staff about the past year’s performance and achievements. The review period covers April 1, 2023, through March 31, 2024.  Effective this year, we made several enhancements to our process:

  • A current job description will be required for each employee.
  • Significant changes have been made to the rating scale and corresponding definitions (see below). Based on the new ratings and definitions, most employees should expect to receive a “meets expectations” rating.
  • A section for you to establish goals and objectives for the next year has been added.

Rating Scale for Performance Evaluations

Significantly Exceeds Expectations

Performance far exceeds expectations due to exceptionally high quality of work performed in all essential areas of responsibility, resulting in a consistently superior overall quality of work. Performance includes the completion of a major goal or project or exceptional or unique contribution in support of department or college objectives. Demonstrates unique understanding of work beyond assigned area of responsibility, is exceptionally flexible to change, and assists others in understanding change. Achievements and abilities are obvious to subordinates, peers and managers and other constituents. These employees are recognized as an expert in their job area. Contributes to the College’s success beyond job requirements. Achievement of this level of performance is rare.

Exceeds Expectations

Performance consistently exceeds expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, and the quality of work overall is excellent. Regularly takes on more than is required and takes the initiative to obtain information or clarification of policies, procedures, and objectives. Anticipates issues and suggests and/or takes appropriate action. Employee meets and often exceeds annual goals and objectives. These employees are role models and often take initiative beyond daily job duties. They clearly understand the connection between job responsibilities and the impact their work has on areas of the College and are flexible in responding to changing conditions that may require adjustment. Achievement of this level of performance is infrequent.

Meets Expectations

Performance consistently meets expectations in all essential areas of responsibility and, at times, possibly exceeds expectations. Overall, the quality of work is very good. The most critical annual goals are met and contributions to the department/team are positive and consistent. Performance is “on track”, expectations are fully achieved, and work is performed independently and competently. These employees also recognize, participate in, and adjust to changing situations and work.

Needs Improvement

Performance does not consistently meet expectations and fails to meet expectations in one or more essential areas of responsibility and/or fails to complete one or more of the most critical goals. The need for improvement and development has been periodically communicated to the employee throughout the review period. Performance may negatively impact the work of other employees or work units.


The employee does not display competence in most aspects of their position or some critical aspects of the position. The employee requires frequent close supervision, and immediate, significant performance improvement is required.