Open Enrollment for the 2024 Benefit Plans will begin on November 2, 2023. If you are eligible for full-time benefits through the College, below is important information that you should consider before the Open Enrollment period begins. Each eligible employee will be required to select coverage levels for the 2024 plan year using the online enrollment system. Please take this time to evaluate the coverage that is available to you and make the choices that benefit you and your family. Important: Even if you elect not to change any coverage, you will need to complete each step of the enrollment process to receive benefits for 2024.

  • Important Highlights:
    • Dental Plan
      • Effective January 1, 2024, the dental plan insurance carrier will change to Delta Dental.  The carrier change was a result of a competitive negotiation process that was engaged this fall to carefully evaluate the dental plan and the College’s provider. This change in carriers has allowed for a robust network of dental providers, maintaining the plan design, and a lower cost for our employees.
      • You are being provided with advanced notice of this change because Lafayette College has had a long relationship with Capital Blue Cross (nearly 20 years) as the dental plan insurance carrier and it is important that you have additional time to connect with your current dental providers regarding the provider change. In addition, the current plan design has a carryover feature up to $500 per year for unused funds with a $2,000 annual max limit. All employees will have the same carryover feature with Delta Dental, however employees will begin with a $1,000 annual max limit. If there is any dental work that you are considering before the end of the 2023 plan year, you may wish to consider scheduling a date for services immediately if  you have a balance in your plan. The Office of Human Resources is happy to assist you should you have any questions.
    • Medical Plans
      • Capital Blue Cross will remain as our medical insurance carrier for the 2024 plan year and we will offer the same three medical plan options and plan designs.
    • Supplemental Life Insurance
      • If you elected to carry Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for the 2023 plan year, your coverage is carried by MetLife. MetLife is offering employees the opportunity during this upcoming open enrollment period to increase their supplemental life insurance coverage, without medical approval, such as:
        • Up to an additional $100,000 if you currently have less than $50,000 in supplemental coverage or have no supplemental coverage at all.
        • Up to an additional $50,000 if you currently have more than $50,000 in coverage. 
      • This offer will only be available during the fall 2023 open enrollment period. Following this one-time enrollment opportunity, employees will have the option to increase their coverage up to $10,000 each year during open enrollment  without being subject to medical approval. Employees will continue to have the option to increase their life insurance coverage by an amount greater than $10,000 each year, dependent on receipt of medical approval.

Beginning November 2nd, all information pertaining to employee benefits in 2024 and the online election process can be found at and in our Open Enrollment Guide for 2024. Information about premium rates will be forthcoming.  

Our Human Resources team is happy to help you with any questions that you may have. Please connect with us at or (610) 330-5060 should you need any assistance.

Thank you.