Wellthy offers dedicated care coordinators to help you with family and life issues including caregiving support for elder care, child care, and your own mental health and well-being.  You receive direct help, not referrals to follow up on your own. Signup takes less than a minute and someone will contact you to discuss your situation. Life can present challenges that are overwhelming and Wellthy assistants are there to navigate you through. Wellthy’s services help you take care of life matters that you don’t have time for and can support you or anyone in your circle of care.  Your spouse, your children, your parents, your grandparents, etc. 

Below are some of the areas Wellthy can help you manage and navigate including the fine print and red tape related to:

Teen Support

We understand that caring for a teen in today’s world can be complex, so we’re offering an unparalleled solution that blends personalized care concierge services with relevant resources and guides. The entire focus is to help families do the most important thing they can do for their teens: raise them to be healthy, functioning adults.

Teen Support is all about empowering you with the knowledge, strategies, and expert support you need to navigate the unique challenges of raising a teen in today’s world. From academic and tutoring support, health and wellness coaching, college prep, substance use support services, LGBTQ+ support, mental health services, and so much more — we’ve got it covered:

Financial Hardship

Implement strategies for hard-working families feeling financially strained.

Medical or Emotional Challenges

Help with a new diagnosis or a chronic condition.

Child care and education

Locate child care options for before, during, and after work. Care Coordinators can evaluate and recommend babysitting resources and nanny agencies, find in-home childcare options, and explore alternatives like learning pods and nanny-sharing. They can also locate educators or tutoring programs.

Special Needs

Advocate and provide expertise for families with unique and complex needs

Mental Health

Help for those struggling with depression, anxiety, or addiction.

Care for Older Adults

Coordinate care like filling prescriptions, arranging transportation, hiring an in-home aide, moving into a facility, implementing power of attorney, and end-of-life preparations.

Veterans Support

Help for our heroes and their families to get the care they deserve.

Medical Insurance

Find help with contesting medical bills and claims, and evaluating options.

Resources and Events

Provide on-demand webinars.

How to get started

Care Stories — A look at some of the different ways Wellthy has helped people take care of each other.