The Recognition Awards Program was implemented to recognize employees of Lafayette for outstanding service to the College.

Nominations for the Lafayette College Distinguished Service Award (LCDSA) are submitted to the Recognition Committee comprised of one administrator and one staff person from each division and chaired by the director of human resources/employment. The Recognition Committee reviews the nominations and selects the most qualified individuals to receive the award. The Recognition Committee will forward nominations and recommendations for awards to president.

2017 Leopard Award Nomination Form

This award is presented throughout the year to members of the support, plant operations, and public safety staff who have made an exceptional contribution to the College by working on a special project or event, or providing some type of extraordinary service beyond their normal job responsibilities.  Nominations may be made by any College employee and should be forwarded to the nominee’s supervisor.  The supervisor, if in support of the nomination, should forward a letter of support to the Division Head and the Office of Human Resources for review.  Award recipients will be recognized by their department and will receive a $150 in their paycheck.

Download the 2017 Leopard Award Nomination

Download the 2017 Leopard Award Nomination – Word

Current and Previous Award Winners

Distinguished Service Award Winners