Dear faculty and staff:

Earlier this year, we announced plans to return the campus to standard pre-COVID-19 operations for fall 2021. While we recognize that the global pandemic is not over and that how we work has changed due to what we have endured and learned over the past 18 months, we continue to expect employees will begin transitioning back to a more typical on-campus work environment starting Aug. 1.

Serving the students in our residential college is usually best accomplished by being present on campus. We will achieve our return to campus in a way that minimizes potential exposure to COVID-19 and other contagious diseases. As we’ve learned from the College’s COVID-19 Action Group, adding the COVID-19 vaccine to our list of required immunizations for students and our 85%+ vaccination rate for full-time employees are foundational elements of our fall semester’s success. We will continue to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and we encourage those who are not vaccinated along with those who simply feel more comfortable in doing so to wear masks on campus.

Since March 2020, we have adjusted to working at different times of the day to better accommodate the needs of our students, faculty, staff, and loved ones. We have also learned to use technology to operate effectively in our offices as well as remotely. These are lessons we hope to retain as we return to campus.

To support new ways of working, we have developed flexible work guidelines and procedures and an accompanying FAQ for supervisors. We encourage every division, department, and work unit to consider these guidelines and identify ways to incorporate flexibility into our new normal. However, even with our solid commitment to flexible options, some roles and positions on campus do not lend themselves to adjustments in time or place.

Our students are excited to return and are expecting to enter a rich, vibrant, and bustling campus indicative of the excellent residential experience Lafayette aims to provide. Thank you for your assistance in reaching this critical community goal.


Alma Scott-Buczak
Associate Vice President, Human Resources