Fraudulent unemployment claims filed via identity theft are on the rise nationally in an unprecedented way. These claims recently have hit the Lehigh Valley, including employees at Lafayette. However, there has been no breach of the College’s security.

Here are warning signs that a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed involving you or Lafayette:

  • Lafayette receives a claim supposedly filed by you even though you remain employed and are receiving your regular compensation. (If this happens, HR will alert you.)
  • You receive unemployment compensation paperwork for yourself even though you are still working and never filed a claim.
  • You receive notice that an unemployment claim has been filed on your behalf, or you receive a debit card or unemployment check earmarked for an unemployment claim filed on your behalf even though you are still working and never filed a claim.

What should I do?

If it receives notice, Human Resources will contact you to see if you have filed a claim. Typically, employees are unaware that their identity is being used by a fraudster. If you receive paperwork, a notice, or a check or debit card, you should:

If you are the victim of unemployment fraud (identity theft), you may contact our EAP for help in steps on what to do.  Information on our EAP program can be found:

Each of us can help interrupt this fraudulent activity by keeping an eye on our mail and personal financial accounts.