If you are interested in posting to QUADJOBS, a couple of things to note:

  1. You will create your own account, post your own job(s) directly to QuadJobs and manage your applicant pool. Detailed instructions are in the (link or PDF) below.
  2. This fall, posting to QUADJOBS will be at NO cost to you, but you must use this PROMO code: lafayettefaculty (NOTE: this code is for both faculty AND staff)

Check out the site and get started: https://quadjobs.com/

We are pleased to offer our faculty and staff this service through our partnership with QUADJOBS! We hope you find helpful.



Instructions to Post Jobs

  • Type in your Lafayette email address and your zip code
  • Fill out the “About You” form

  • In Dashboard, click on ‘POST A JOB’
  • Select Job Location (Home, other, remote)

  • Fill out remaining blocks with the details of your job posting (Type of job you are hiring for, Job Headline/title, a detailed description, # of students you wish to hire, on-going versus one-time only, # of hours, date ranges of the job, wages, etc.)


  • Click on ‘POST JOB’, then select the type of account you intend on creating (One-time post, or annual member)
  • You will be prompted to fill out a payment method, but PLEASE USE THE PROVIDED CODE FOR THE ‘PROMO CODE’ TEXTBOX. Your credit card information is saved and stored and will not be charged unless you continue to post outside of the promotion used.
  • You are all set!